Wonder Woman Collection by MAC Cosmetics

Friday, October 8, 2010

Aqua Eyes Eyeliner by MAKE UP FOR EVER

I feel the need to take makeup back to the basics. And nothing gets more basic than a good old-fashioned black eyeliner. And nothing gets better than a black eyeliner that doubles as an eyeshadow that is water-proof, smudge-proof and fade-proof! Add an assortment of 25 different colors and you've got Aqua Eyes Eyeliner by MAKE UP FOR EVER ($17) and my new favorite product!

As I've mentioned time and time again, I absolutely adore products that multi-task and this eyeliner works like a dream! With shades ranging from matte black to blue with green highlights, you are bound to find the eyeliner you've been searching for. And feel free to be experimental with the range of colors because there is no "wrong" color, as long as you sport your confidence!

The application of these eyeliners is extremely smooth and gives a precise line, or if you want a smoky effect just smudge right after application before it's had time to "set". These eyeliners really do their job and the color won't budge until it's time to be removed (with a water-proof makeup remover). And since they are water-proof, they work like a charm for applying on the inside rim of the lower lash line. In fact, these eyeliners were originally invented for water-ballet!

And let's not forget that these eyeliners can also be used as eyeshadows! They are actually quite vibrant and don't end up creasing. I absolutely love the variety that these eyeliners offer, and with so many shades to choose from I don't think I'll ever be lacking in originality of makeup looks!

To buy or not to buy: BUY !

Friday, September 3, 2010

Lipclick Lipstick by mark.

It's hard to ignore the brilliant new ad campaign by mark. cosmetics. Ashley Greene is the new spokesmodel and the ads can be seen in all the major beauty magazines. So needless to say, the newest cult beauty item is the Lipclick Lipstick by mark. ($10). Lipclick Lipstick comes in neat packaging that actually "clicks" (magnetically) when you close it..............ingenious! Never again will a lipstick (or bag) be ruined when the compact cover accidentally comes off in your purse!

Lipclick Lipstick comes in 8 stunning shades: Whiney, Baby Luv, Coral Fixation, Cha Cha, Sweetie Pie, Ruffle, Malt, and Bare Hug. Each color is unique and feels incredible on. Lipclick Lipstick is a surprisingly easy lipstick to wear, especially for those who are a bit more timid or unused to wearing lipstick. It has a full coverage that wears lightly on your lips, meaning that it's incredibly shiny and moisturizing and I swear it will feel like you're only wearing a lip balm.

The colors look very natural and complimentary on, so it feels comfortable to wear them both during the day and night. With fall fast approaching so are the new makeup trends that call for a bit more depth and texture, so don't be intimidated to start wearing lipstick during the day!

Any of the Lipclick Lipstick shades would work with:

- a clean, natural face with minimal other makeup
- a fun new plum eyeshadow
- a soft brown or taupe eyeshadow
- a chocolate brown eyeliner around the eyes
- minimal eye makeup and a shimmery blush (pink w/gold shimmer looks gorgeous)

Bottom line is that all these new Lipclick Lipsticks have re-awakened the makeup goddess within, and for only $10 each I say go for it! My personal favorites are Cha Cha and Coral Fixation ;)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

"Orgasm" Blush by NARS Cosmetics

My new favorite product is not actually new, it's an oldie but goodie. I have read about NARS Cosmetics' best-selling blush, "Orgasm", for years! It's in numerous magazine articles as being the best all-around blush for every skin tone. And as a makeup artist I am usually skeptical about such claims, so of course, I had to test this theory.

"Orgasm" Blush by NARS ($26.00) is a semi-sheer, almost transparent blush that adds a very healthy-looking glow to your cheeks. The result is so natural, you can't exactly tell that you're wearing blush, you just look incredibly dewy and lovely.

I have tried "Orgasm" Blush on many of my clients, and most all complexions can wear it! "Orgasm" is made with transparent pigments so you can actually wear this blush with no other makeup on your face, it's that natural looking. The super-fine shimmer works perfectly with many different makeup looks, including:

- a clean natural face
- smoky or dramatic eyes
- red lipstick
- bronzed eyes

Another great trick, is to double-up your blush and add bronzer to your already "Orgasm-ed" cheeks for contouring. The result is gorgeous and instantly adds charisma and sophistication to any face.

NARS has also come out with a new color blush because the demand for "Orgasm" was so high and it's called "Super Orgasm". Really! It is similar to the regular "Orgasm" except being slightly more of a terracotta color, which as a result has a bit more depth and intensity. This would work ideally with darker and/or tanned skintones, though both really could be used on everyone, depending on the desired effect.

To buy or not to buy: BUY! Even though it can't promise you it's namesake, "Orgasm" Blush will still make you wink and smile!

Monday, April 26, 2010

HD MicroPerfecting Primer by Makeup Forever

The last review I made was on another product by Makeup Forever but I wanted to take it one step further by introducing you to my new favorite product: HD MicroPerfecting Primer ($32).

This multifaceted complexion-correcting primer is oil-free and comes in 6 different shades: Neutral, Green, Mauve, Caramel, Blue, Yellow, Pink. Each primer helps to moisturize and soften your skin as well as creating a "glowing" effect that really helps to "blur" imperfections, giving you that HD-worthy look! As an added bonus, the different primer shades each target specific challenges that complexions can have.

Here is the breakdown:

Neutral - adds transparent luminosity (this shade is suitable for all skin tones/types)
Green -counteracts redness and/or irritated skin such as Rosacea
Mauve - counteracts sallow skin tones
Caramel - counteracts ashiness in darker and/or warmer skin tones
Blue - adds radiance to fair skin tones
Yellow - adds radiance to darker skin tones
Pink - brightens and helps counteract slightly sallow tones

These primers feel wonderful on your skin, they are an extremely light consistency and wear well under any foundation. These primers really allow your makeup to last, and you will find that you need to apply less makeup since it will glide on so easily and evenly over the primer!

I have fallen in love with these primers and I use them on virtually all of my clients now. You will definitely see a difference!

Bottom Line: 5 stars

Thursday, March 18, 2010

HD Microfinish Powder by Makeup Forever

I am an extremely big fan of Makeup Forever. They have completely revolutionized the look and feel of modern makeup. In the technological world we live in it has now become necessary to update our makeup regimen with HD compatability! Fascinatingly enough, I watched a movie from the mid-90's recently on blu-ray (that was obviously not shot for blu-ray) and it was remarkable how flawed the faces of the actors appeared! So many details that would not have shown up on film otherwise.

So, with that in mind, I have begun the gradual process of converting much of my makeup to HD quality.........starting with the HD Microfinish Powder by Makeup Forever (available in two sizes: small $15.00 and large $30.00).

Here are my findings:

- available in 1 shade only: translucent. This seems strange, but actually it is much easier because you don't need to agonize on finding the "correct" color. And it truly works on all skintones, keeping in mind that you might need to adjust the amount you apply. Example: if you are fair you can apply generously, but if you are tan or darker use sparingly, otherwise it can look a bit chalky.

- helps set your foundation with a matte finish that really lasts all day, or wear by itself (apply a bit of concealer if necessary) for a flawless and natural look

- color stays true (because it's translucent!)

- made with 100% silica powder and helps to even out complexion

- actually "blurs" imperfections in person and on camera (this is where the HD factor comes in nicely)

- truly feels like you have no makeup on! Seriously...touch your face and it feels like nothing!

- talc free

Bottom Line: To buy or not to buy? Buy!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Too Faced Lashlight Mascara

In my never-ending search for the ultimate mascara, I have certainly found a contender in the new Lashlight Mascara by Too Faced ($25). First, and most importantly, it lights up! Really! LED lights are built into the mascara wand so that you are able to grab virtually EVERY lash (because they are lit up like a light saber!). My initial concern about this new product was that all the hype would be in the tech-y packaging, but I was soon proven wrong.

The formula is actually injected with microscopic "mirrors" to keep lashes shiny and healthy, and a jet-black color that makes your eyes appear whiter and brighter. Also, the formula is packed with Vitamin-C, Vitamin-E, Red Algae and Panthenol to help condition lashes and increase strength and flexibility.

My findings:

- Yes, it really lights up! Yes, you really can see every lash, even in the dark!
- Has a full mirror on one side of the mascara bottle so I'm able to apply while out and about!
- The formula goes on nicely, no clumping.
- No flaking, and lashes stay nice, glossy, and soft all day (I can't stand when mascara makes lashes look dry and brittle).
- It was not the most volumizing formula I've ever used, but it was not bad either.
- Has a super-dark, jet-black color, which is sometimes hard to find.

Bottom Line: 4 stars. The ingenuity of this mascara is undeniable, and hopefully it will help pave the way in this new direction of packaging.