Wonder Woman Collection by MAC Cosmetics

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wonder Woman Collection by MAC Cosmetics

What could possibly be more fun than Wonder Woman makeup??!! That's how I felt when I tried out MAC's new line of cosmetics that is packaged in a wonderfully colorful Wonder Woman theme! Although it is the same MAC makeup you know and love, you really have to see how adorable the packaging is. And the colors are so bright and whimsical it is perfect to get you in the mood for spring and you'll feel like Wonder Woman herself!

The MAC Cosmetics "Wonder Woman Collection" is for a limited time only, and it includes:

-false eyelashes
-Opulash mascaras
-powder blushes
-mineralize skinfinishes
-nail laquers

May I recommend the Opulash Mascara in "Themyscira" which is an amazing blue color that will make your eyes really pop. The pigment in the mascara is so true, it looks really lovely even with minimal makeup everywhere else!

Bottom line: Buy! You can't afford not to if you've ever been a comic book fan :)