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Thursday, March 18, 2010

HD Microfinish Powder by Makeup Forever

I am an extremely big fan of Makeup Forever. They have completely revolutionized the look and feel of modern makeup. In the technological world we live in it has now become necessary to update our makeup regimen with HD compatability! Fascinatingly enough, I watched a movie from the mid-90's recently on blu-ray (that was obviously not shot for blu-ray) and it was remarkable how flawed the faces of the actors appeared! So many details that would not have shown up on film otherwise.

So, with that in mind, I have begun the gradual process of converting much of my makeup to HD quality.........starting with the HD Microfinish Powder by Makeup Forever (available in two sizes: small $15.00 and large $30.00).

Here are my findings:

- available in 1 shade only: translucent. This seems strange, but actually it is much easier because you don't need to agonize on finding the "correct" color. And it truly works on all skintones, keeping in mind that you might need to adjust the amount you apply. Example: if you are fair you can apply generously, but if you are tan or darker use sparingly, otherwise it can look a bit chalky.

- helps set your foundation with a matte finish that really lasts all day, or wear by itself (apply a bit of concealer if necessary) for a flawless and natural look

- color stays true (because it's translucent!)

- made with 100% silica powder and helps to even out complexion

- actually "blurs" imperfections in person and on camera (this is where the HD factor comes in nicely)

- truly feels like you have no makeup on! Seriously...touch your face and it feels like nothing!

- talc free

Bottom Line: To buy or not to buy? Buy!