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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

"Orgasm" Blush by NARS Cosmetics

My new favorite product is not actually new, it's an oldie but goodie. I have read about NARS Cosmetics' best-selling blush, "Orgasm", for years! It's in numerous magazine articles as being the best all-around blush for every skin tone. And as a makeup artist I am usually skeptical about such claims, so of course, I had to test this theory.

"Orgasm" Blush by NARS ($26.00) is a semi-sheer, almost transparent blush that adds a very healthy-looking glow to your cheeks. The result is so natural, you can't exactly tell that you're wearing blush, you just look incredibly dewy and lovely.

I have tried "Orgasm" Blush on many of my clients, and most all complexions can wear it! "Orgasm" is made with transparent pigments so you can actually wear this blush with no other makeup on your face, it's that natural looking. The super-fine shimmer works perfectly with many different makeup looks, including:

- a clean natural face
- smoky or dramatic eyes
- red lipstick
- bronzed eyes

Another great trick, is to double-up your blush and add bronzer to your already "Orgasm-ed" cheeks for contouring. The result is gorgeous and instantly adds charisma and sophistication to any face.

NARS has also come out with a new color blush because the demand for "Orgasm" was so high and it's called "Super Orgasm". Really! It is similar to the regular "Orgasm" except being slightly more of a terracotta color, which as a result has a bit more depth and intensity. This would work ideally with darker and/or tanned skintones, though both really could be used on everyone, depending on the desired effect.

To buy or not to buy: BUY! Even though it can't promise you it's namesake, "Orgasm" Blush will still make you wink and smile!