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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lash Stiletto by Maybelline

I have to say once again, way to go Maybelline! My absolute new favorite mascara is Lash Stiletto ($7.49). It comes in sleek packaging and claims to lengthen lashes by 70% and is safe for contact lens wearers. Also available in waterproof.

I decided to test it out after my sister (who has very short, fine lashes) showed me what a difference this mascara made on her lashes. Here are my findings:

- lengthens remarkably
- provides intense color that looks natural
- shiny, patented finish that makes my lashes look really healthy
- conditions lashes with vitamin B5
- great, thin brush with 2 different lengths of bristles to really get in there and find every lash
- no clumps or smudging by the end of the day

Really the only negative I can find to say about this mascara is that it doesn't have a pleasant smell, but then again what mascara actually smells nice? Hopefully one day someone will invent a mascara that smells like vanilla.

Definitely worth giving a shot, I have recommended this product to a few clients already after they commented on how long my lashes (and theirs after I applied it on them) were. It's always nice receiving a compliment!

Bottom line: 5 stars!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dream Liquid Mousse by Maybelline

So I was out browsing for a new medium-coverage foundation and decided to give Maybelline's Dream Liquid Mousse ($9.59) a try. I have had some luck with Maybelline in the past, and had even tried a sample of this foundation out of a magazine (unfortunately, the sample was far too small to really use appropriately). But I got the general idea, and was impressed by how lovely the models faces looked in the advertisements. Go, marketing!

My findings:

a. feels nice on my face, not heavy or cake-y
b. covers well, I did need to use a bit of concealer and loose powder
c. wears nicely, doesn't settle into fine lines
d. did not make my face oily, but did not help to control it
e. blends well, looks natural
f. impressive range of colors

I admit I was skeptical, since this foundation was being marketed as "airbrush finish". But this foundation really does work nicely and photographs well too. Tip: Shake well, then apply with fingertips.

Bottom line: 3.5 stars

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Shimmer Strips Blush and Highlighter by Physician's Formula

I have been a big fan of Physician's Formula ever since they've taken an active step in creating organically beautiful makeup that works great! Their newest addition is Shimmer Strips Blush and Highlighter ($11.99). It's a lovely collage of five colors that when swept together across your cheeks creates a natural and rosy effect. If you want customization then use the darker colors as your contour blusher and the lightest color as a highlighter. Either way, it's virtually fool-proof in achieving the "correct" color!

Shimmer Strips Blush and Highlighter comes in four shades: Natural Glow, Sunkissed Glow, Rosy Glow, Healthy Glow.

I tend to be cautious when using a highlighting product, however I immediately found out that this product did indeed look healthy and natural, not glittery, streaky or shiny. And the application is very simple, I don't even need a mirror to apply! Having recently been to the beach, this was the perfect (and only) makeup I applied on myself and my friend. We looked rosy, luminous, and very natural all weekend. And even after returning home applying it made us feel like we were still at the beach!

Bottom line: I really have to give another 5 stars for this product due to it's versatility in wear.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Aveeno Positively Radiant Tinted Moisturizer

I have finally found a tinted moisturizer that actually covers as well as makeup! It's Aveeno Positively Radiant Tinted Moisturizer ($13.99).

Here's the low down:

-- Two different shades: Fair-to-Light, Medium. Being quite fair myself I bought the Fair-to-Light, though I have a feeling the color spectrum is actually quite broad since I recently acquired a bit of a tan and the color still suits me.

-- SPF 30 UVA/UVB protection

-- Immediately evened my tone and texture with a Soy-Complex. So far this tinted moisturizer has noticeably faded my old and new discolorations from acne scars.

-- Light reflecting minerals that actually helped disguise my blemishes and discolorations.

-- Skin really looked radiant, healthy, and dewy while helping to control the oil.

-- Very natural finish that provides real coverage. A little powder on my t-zone and I'm set to go!

-- A little goes a long way, this bottle will last awhile!

Bottom line: I will definitely be purchasing again! 5 Stars!