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Friday, September 3, 2010

Lipclick Lipstick by mark.

It's hard to ignore the brilliant new ad campaign by mark. cosmetics. Ashley Greene is the new spokesmodel and the ads can be seen in all the major beauty magazines. So needless to say, the newest cult beauty item is the Lipclick Lipstick by mark. ($10). Lipclick Lipstick comes in neat packaging that actually "clicks" (magnetically) when you close it..............ingenious! Never again will a lipstick (or bag) be ruined when the compact cover accidentally comes off in your purse!

Lipclick Lipstick comes in 8 stunning shades: Whiney, Baby Luv, Coral Fixation, Cha Cha, Sweetie Pie, Ruffle, Malt, and Bare Hug. Each color is unique and feels incredible on. Lipclick Lipstick is a surprisingly easy lipstick to wear, especially for those who are a bit more timid or unused to wearing lipstick. It has a full coverage that wears lightly on your lips, meaning that it's incredibly shiny and moisturizing and I swear it will feel like you're only wearing a lip balm.

The colors look very natural and complimentary on, so it feels comfortable to wear them both during the day and night. With fall fast approaching so are the new makeup trends that call for a bit more depth and texture, so don't be intimidated to start wearing lipstick during the day!

Any of the Lipclick Lipstick shades would work with:

- a clean, natural face with minimal other makeup
- a fun new plum eyeshadow
- a soft brown or taupe eyeshadow
- a chocolate brown eyeliner around the eyes
- minimal eye makeup and a shimmery blush (pink w/gold shimmer looks gorgeous)

Bottom line is that all these new Lipclick Lipsticks have re-awakened the makeup goddess within, and for only $10 each I say go for it! My personal favorites are Cha Cha and Coral Fixation ;)

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