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Friday, October 8, 2010

Aqua Eyes Eyeliner by MAKE UP FOR EVER

I feel the need to take makeup back to the basics. And nothing gets more basic than a good old-fashioned black eyeliner. And nothing gets better than a black eyeliner that doubles as an eyeshadow that is water-proof, smudge-proof and fade-proof! Add an assortment of 25 different colors and you've got Aqua Eyes Eyeliner by MAKE UP FOR EVER ($17) and my new favorite product!

As I've mentioned time and time again, I absolutely adore products that multi-task and this eyeliner works like a dream! With shades ranging from matte black to blue with green highlights, you are bound to find the eyeliner you've been searching for. And feel free to be experimental with the range of colors because there is no "wrong" color, as long as you sport your confidence!

The application of these eyeliners is extremely smooth and gives a precise line, or if you want a smoky effect just smudge right after application before it's had time to "set". These eyeliners really do their job and the color won't budge until it's time to be removed (with a water-proof makeup remover). And since they are water-proof, they work like a charm for applying on the inside rim of the lower lash line. In fact, these eyeliners were originally invented for water-ballet!

And let's not forget that these eyeliners can also be used as eyeshadows! They are actually quite vibrant and don't end up creasing. I absolutely love the variety that these eyeliners offer, and with so many shades to choose from I don't think I'll ever be lacking in originality of makeup looks!

To buy or not to buy: BUY !

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