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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Too Faced Lashlight Mascara

In my never-ending search for the ultimate mascara, I have certainly found a contender in the new Lashlight Mascara by Too Faced ($25). First, and most importantly, it lights up! Really! LED lights are built into the mascara wand so that you are able to grab virtually EVERY lash (because they are lit up like a light saber!). My initial concern about this new product was that all the hype would be in the tech-y packaging, but I was soon proven wrong.

The formula is actually injected with microscopic "mirrors" to keep lashes shiny and healthy, and a jet-black color that makes your eyes appear whiter and brighter. Also, the formula is packed with Vitamin-C, Vitamin-E, Red Algae and Panthenol to help condition lashes and increase strength and flexibility.

My findings:

- Yes, it really lights up! Yes, you really can see every lash, even in the dark!
- Has a full mirror on one side of the mascara bottle so I'm able to apply while out and about!
- The formula goes on nicely, no clumping.
- No flaking, and lashes stay nice, glossy, and soft all day (I can't stand when mascara makes lashes look dry and brittle).
- It was not the most volumizing formula I've ever used, but it was not bad either.
- Has a super-dark, jet-black color, which is sometimes hard to find.

Bottom Line: 4 stars. The ingenuity of this mascara is undeniable, and hopefully it will help pave the way in this new direction of packaging.

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